When She Writes Him…


My dear little man, in these lines I would like to tell you about my feelings, about my love for you---the only and desired. They say that the happy do not write letters, because they have a life they are busy with and which surrounds them with attention, communication and new adventures. Ah, how wrong they are! In real life, I can never tell you about love, open my heart, because looking into your eyes, I always wait for an answer.

A letter of love is my chance to share my sincere and long-flashed feelings with you. Only in these lines will my hands confidently display every word, every letter. My eyes will not fill with tears and will not drop bashfully down, and my voice will not begin to tremble, trying to convey the whole limitlessness of my love. In the lines, I am the one that I am in fact---feminine, sincere and able to love as they love only once in a lifetime.

My love for you is that ray of sun that I so lacked before meeting you. This may seem too naive, but it always seemed to me that true love is completely different. I was getting ready to feel some kind of “click”, to feel the inspiration that would completely change me and my life. I watched films and believed that my love would be the same---sudden, bright, sweeping away everything in its path. It seemed to me that only those who suffered it could know love, went through everything: resentment, humiliation and disappointment. I have always considered myself strong and able to think sensibly in any situation, and, therefore, control my emotions. But the first time I met your eyes, hearing your voice, my heart, as if captivated, began to beat harder. Suddenly everything changed, and I realized---love cannot be suffering. It is like a breath of fresh air!

I know, you feel something, but you don’t know what it is yet. Just look around, listen to the silence: hear, it knocks! You read these lines, and it knocks more and more! Well, a tear ran down my cheek. This is not despair, no! It just seemed to me for a moment that you called me to your place. I started and seemed to wake up from a fleeting vision.

I don’t know what emotions will prevail when you read this letter. Perhaps this will be anger at impotence, because of which you and I are not near now. Or maybe you will drop everything and rush towards me in order to finally hug me and forget about everything. Are you laughing? Will you say that I'm stupid and wrong in your indifference? I won’t argue, because I love you!

Hello my handsome! It has been many years since the very day we accidentally grabbed one icecream together at the counter, do you remember? And you didn’t let him go for a few seconds. And I was surprised at the impudence and decided to stand to death for the last icecream in that stall. Of course, then you made excuses, kept repeating about my bottomless blue eyes, from which my head rustled and turned off ... And I laughed merrily and did not trust a single word, because I knew very well which guys can sing praises, just to powder my head.

Until dawn, I wandered with you along the shore of the pond, along an alley. It seemed that the icecream that had already been eaten for a long time became our common star, one for two, like the one that slowly and slowly fell from the sky, so that we managed to make a wish together. But you didn’t tell me what you thought of that night ... Remember, beloved? We all walked, walked, held hands and looked at each other, as if we would never see each other again.

Do you remember how you first wanted to kiss me? Do you remember how embarrassed and braided your tongue was at that request? And I was seething inside: a stupid man! Why ask if you can see it with your eyes! But you didn’t see, you glowed with paint, although it was dark, and the distant lantern highlighted our shadows on the asphalt path ... And how we kissed! Selflessly, to pain, to small cracks on the lips! And sweet and salty, remember?

You called me to get married on the bus when we were driving from the beach. It was so funny: disheveled hair, pulled out from under the hat and adhered to the forehead, dyed with frost in the crimson color of the cheek and a confused look. Were you afraid that I would refuse? And I agreed! Immediately, without hesitation, without consulting with mom and grandmother! It was then that they shouted that I was a careless, stupid girl who was leaving school and a career because of the first person she met. They also cried, dressing me up on my wedding day, howled in a voice both, no, in three voices. I also roared with them, not knowing why. Maybe from happiness, or maybe for company? ...

You went into the army, didn’t dodge, although you graduated from high school. And could hide behind our son. You didn’t ... I was offended. Stupid, as I did not understand man's honor, pride. In general, patriotism---the word then for me was completely distant and alien. And only later I began to be proud of you, my beloved, realized how important it was for you to serve your homeland, protect the country, parents, me and my own son. How glad you were at his clumsy little words! How slowed him back! I was jealous, yes, very jealous of you both to each other. Alone, you belonged to me without a trace, and as if the two could do without me ... Stupid! But can you do without me!

... And now I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, where you have not had time to wake up yet. I look at you, my love, and I feel like the happiest woman in the world. I have a house, have a son, have you. So big, strong, smart and kind, you have already been ten years in my life ... And you have not forgotten about our date. Here it is, icecream on the nightstand ... You brought it at night and did not wake me up. Melted away. Well, let. We will eat it together when you wake up ...

Hello beloved! I am writing this letter, and in front of me is your photograph. I do not part with him, day or night. It’s just that I cannot live a minute without you. When I think about you, it seems to me that you are near, I feel your exhilarating breath, the warmth of your body. Honey, you can’t imagine what you are doing with me! I live only for you! While you are on this earth, I’m not afraid of anything, I’ll overcome everything. Every day I thank God for helping me find you among many people, for our enormous tender love, which will have no end---I am sure of that.


Today I had a dream. You won’t believe it, but you were in it. I walked with you across a wide field, golden ears parted around us, and in the distance---a large wooden door. At first, I was scared: where did the door come from in the middle of the field, and how would we go further? Approaching it, we stopped in confusion. But some unknown force told us to bend down and start looking for something on earth. After a while, our eyes fell on the key. We took it, opened the ill-fated door and went on, holding hands ... You know, it was a good dream. The field is our life, large and interesting, the door is an obstacle that we will overcome together, because we will find a solution to this problem---the key. I truly believe in this.

You know, I have a dream. It is very kind, and therefore must come true. I want us to have a real strong family, that we love each other not only during the honeymoon, but also, the farther, the stronger. Let the years only temper us and make us tender to each other. I want ourselves, beloved, to have two children: a girl and a boy. May they please us and be the meaning of our whole life. Agree, it’s so wonderful to look at your children and not stop wondering that they are a piece of you and me, merged together!

I hope that reading this letter you feel the same way about me that you miss too. You can’t imagine how I want to run up to you, cling to your strong courageous chest, smell your muscular body. My beloved, dear! Believe in the sincerity of my words, because before I could not tell anyone what I was telling you. Why? Yes, because I never loved anyone in the way I love you! I myself am surprised at this, but I cannot do anything. Yes, and I don’t want to! You are the best, you are the most beloved, you are the most dear man to me, for whom I can live both in fire and in water! At least to the ends of the world!

At the end of my letter I want to wish the two of us a speedy meeting, which I am waiting for, like nothing else. Hope this is mutual. Goodbye, my dear. Do not forget, write. I kiss you and love you very much!

Your baby


Hello, hello! A new day has come, and a new one, I, am writing to you about the love that you generously gave me. Thank you, my frantic angel, for the beauty of your pure soul, for the immense heart and radiant smile! You are the one for whom I overcame life's obstacles, traveled hundreds of roads, traveled thousands of kilometers in search of a real feeling! And here you are! Young, dear, infinitely sweet! You fluttered into my life, hitherto devoid of meaning, and with your tender hand crossed out the past.

You know, love, how I wait for the morning! Awakening, not yet opening my eyes, I see your face! Red lips in a playful smile, flickering lights in my eyes ... I feel your aroma, I want to touch you and finally wake up ... Happy, from the realization that you are mine! Good morning, love! And how I look forward to a conversation or meeting! Let it be short, let it be on the run! The main thing is to see you, hug you and whisper with tenderness the words coming from my wounded heart, with the arrow of cupid, my heart!

I won’t write about the evenings ... You know better about them than me! After all, I, after a long day of waiting, have no power over my consciousness! I am only a shadow of my ego, my desires ... I am a quivering moth flying in the glow of heat of your charm---in your arms! You would know how sometimes I can hardly restrain myself from wanting to imprison you and hide you on the edge of the earth! Take away from all fears and troubles to heaven for lovers, where only you and I will be! I really hope that you will agree to come with me! I will try to be worthy of your favor! I will be worthy of your love!

I want to write poetry about feeling! Please do not judge strictly, because I am not a poetess! But still I’ll try to throw out on paper those emotions and feelings that seethe in my soul at the mere sight of you, my love!

My good, dear boy!
Yours, having felt love, I will now refuse paradise!
Do not experience like me again!
And I will strive for pleasure! To you, my soul delight!
Let your love be enjoyed!
After all, I don’t need anything else from life!
Do not think that I write pathetic, not tasty!
I am writing from the heart, but it sings!
I am writing with hope, if it becomes sad,
My letter will come to the rescue!

See you soon, my love! Until new happy moments! Always remember that I love you!


How about a weekend break, my love? I promise to pamper a cappuccino, with a delicious scum that I’d love to pick up the remnants of your cheek with if you are a sloppy boy. I swear not to bring a drink to bed before 10 a.m. I love, kiss looking forward to hearing.

My love, our baby, opening his eyes for a minute after sleep, is very similar to you. You came after a night shift, did not want to disturb my morning dream and therefore fell asleep on the sofa in the living room. He also looks at me in surprise in the first seconds, and then, with a funny jerk of his nose, as if making sure that next to me, smacking his plump lips, he again starts to sniff softly. When we get home with him, you will understand why I like to watch sleeping on you, he is the same. We miss you very much, although some so far only know your voice, see you soon. One hundred kisses and two native hugs.


I miss you, my cat, a vacation without you seems endlessly long, gray and empty. It would be better if you went with us, my love, and did not stay to refine your important, prestigious, nasty project.

I thank fate, my love, that your character is able to withstand all my whims. Honestly, I promise not to scandalize about or without it anymore. I swear to take an example from your endurance. I’m coming back.

Putting your feelings on paper is the same as landing an angel and burdening it with human worries and inability to express in words what you actually feel and experience. But talking about them is even more difficult. Therefore, today I will try to embody love in words. If I were asked to describe my feelings for you, I would hardly be able to find a complete and truthful description. Yes and no so far, such words that could convey the fullness of my experiences that arise at the mere thought of you, beloved. Therefore, the best explanation for the height of my feelings will be simple earthly moments connected with you and without which I simply cannot imagine my life.

I love when it rains outside the window, and we, covered in a blanket, remember our first meeting. And although each of us knows this story by heart, we will always find something romantic and funny in our memories. Therefore, rain and slush at such times never spoil our moods.

Beloved, if only you knew how I like to discuss the most serious things with you, such as, for example, a 3D printer or the principle of decompression. And although at these moments I often find myself in the role of a listener, this feeling that you are still connected with your beloved friend or partner relations, give my feeling a new facet and depth.

I love when you solve issues that I can’t solve. And let it be---it will be a heavy sofa moved during cleaning or just a nail hammered into the wall, I feel fragile and protected, and I always want to take cover on your strong courageous shoulder in difficult times.

Very often, I feel tides of tenderness, inexplicable feelings by common sense. I am sometimes touched by your ridiculous jokes, attempts to cook something edible, given that you absolutely do not know how to cook, trying to be nice to my chatty friends, refusing to watch football matches in favor of my favorite series. It seems to me that it is precisely such moments that can show all the versatility and depth of relations between us.

Many people wonder what they have---love or just sympathy. With what to compare, if earlier this bright feeling did not visit your heart? It is incomparable with anything, and if it rolls a wave on a person more than once in a lifetime, it still will not look like anything. Everything is simple. I’m just looking at you, my love, and I understand that here it is love, and I am happy!

Beloved, today is the 365th happiest day in my life, today is our anniversary! It doesn’t matter a lot or a little. The important thing is that the year flashed like a beautiful, sparkling moment. You have been my husband for exactly a year, and I am your wife. I remember every day filled with you, I remember every event, even the most insignificant one.

Probably from the side, our relationship may seem like a pun, and we may be two crazy people who just love to swear, while ruining everything and crying. Darling, I don't care! I must tell you that under no circumstances should you change, no matter how much I asked you after another quarrel, because I loved you just the way you are now. You are my husband, you are the most amazing person on Earth. Persistent, courageous, strong-willed and at the same time kind, affectionate, gentle.

Do you remember how we met? Before I even saw you, I already managed to fall in love with your infectious laugh, which rang out behind me behind my back with a loud bang and ran across the street. You will say that there are thousands of such dating stories ... I remember the first time you saw me home, I remember every second of that awkward silence at my door. Darling, I even remember the taste of our first kiss. God, how worried I was then.

You harmoniously combine charm and mind, humor and seriousness, children's and adult emotions. I miss you a lot when you're not around. If it were my will, I would spend every free minute with you beside you. I am glad that our feelings, in spite of everything, do not weaken and do not become faded.

However, every day I am getting worse ... I’m not afraid that there will be another between us, it’s simply impossible, I’m just afraid to lose you. I worry when you cannot answer a phone call or when you linger somewhere. Beloved husband ... how many feelings, emotions and experiences for me in this phrase!

I am proud that you are my husband, proud of your every deed and your every idea. You are ideal for me. Whoever only knows how I want to raise your child, and it does not matter who it will be: a boy or a girl. I am sure that in 10 years our feelings will remain just as strong, tender, gentle and romantic. I’ll never get tired of watching movies with you, watching you sleep, work or prepare, hug you, kiss you. I love when you kiss my hair, get tangled in it with your fingers.

I love everything related to you! Kisses dear!


Hello sun! I have long wanted to tell you about my feelings, but for a long time I could not decide on this. It is very difficult to look into your charming eyes and not forget what you want to say. After all, you can miss the most important thing, and you still will not know about my true attitude towards you. Therefore, I decided to express my feelings in a letter, although it will not be easy to describe them in words, but I will try.

Since the first time I saw you, a small spark lit up in my heart. Every day it grew and became brighter. I realized that my tender and sincere feelings for you have grown into something more. I loved you with all my heart and soul and could no longer imagine life without you. You have become air for me, a bright sun, crystal clear water. You gave me everything you need for a happy life.

You are the perfect boy for me. You have no shortcomings, you are perfection itself. I am amazed at such beauty and sophistication. I am proud that the most beautiful boy in the world has become mine. I am drowning in the blue of your eyes, there is so much tenderness and sincerity in them. They give me the warmth that I so lacked before you. Your beautiful hair flutters so beautifully in the wind and again lies on a surprisingly gentle body, as if caressing it.

I never cease to be surprised at your charming smile, which makes me forget about all the problems and disappointments. I want to smile with you and always be in a good mood. Even when you are late for a meeting, and I wait for you forever, I can not be mad at you. As soon as you smile, the whole world becomes kinder. I always admire your amazingly easy gait and the attractive curves of your body. You are so slim and graceful that it’s hard for me to resist these charms.

But the most important thing that I appreciate in you is your inner world. You are so pure and innocent that sometimes it’s embarrassing for me to be with such an angel. You are so kind and sensual, you always understand me perfectly. I like to talk with you, I like to be silent with you, I adore just watching you. In your actions and movements there is so much openness and mystery at the same time that you want to admire you forever.

For all this, I love you, I love sincerely and openly. Thanks to you, I have known love and have found happiness. I want to shout it all and quietly whisper it in your ear. I love you more than life and will always love.

Hello, my dear and beloved, I was pleasantly surprised when I received your gift that you remember my birthday. You knew everything about me always and always, and this little black dress is as comfortable as your arms. Perhaps you somehow imagined our relationship when you sent me a present.

Be that as it may, I see you noble and exalted. I am lonely, and there is no person nearby who could compare with you. Remember how you were jealous of me. Funny, your jealousy is baseless. Your virtues will not allow me to play with your heart. Yes, I did not meet such refinement, such delicacy and such sharp and dangerous as a blade, your intellect. In any condition and you will always be better for me than others.


I am sure that you deserve the best, but how can I tell you about the changes in my soul that make me not with you? I know that you don’t like when a woman cries, and I’m not trying to call you anything like that. You know, the first thing that stuck into me was not pain, it was a shock from the fact that in our relations there could be a crack for someone from outsiders to enter. How it started, maybe from the fact that I saw the same vase on her window as you gave me, or from the words when you asked me to wear red clothes, and they go so well with her, different, but only not to me ... She means a lot to you now, all your judgments are commensurate with her opinion. And I could not and can not allow this and live with it.

Yes, we were still together, you smiled at me, outwardly everything was the same. But something happened imperceptibly for me, and against my will, I suddenly felt the whole world in a different way. This state was so contrasted with the first time you invited me ... Then I persuaded myself for a long time that everyone was mistaken, and that any decision needed time, that only you were my favorite, but there was something inside me chilled, as if cut off. Kisses did not warm me, and I could no longer be the same.

I think you noticed my coldness, but you were silent. You asked me about this when we were dancing, remember? I could not play a hypocrite and suffered. Do not judge me severely, I tried, as I could, to maintain the relationship. I understood that you also need to understand your difficulties from the past. Apparently, she was more than a memory for you. It's funny to say, I lost your ring the day she called ...

It's hard to say when the heart of a big and beloved person is turned to you. Every day you spend some time under my windows. But you know, you still haven’t let go of that pain, and perhaps soon it will be near or pass by ...

Surprised? Now, finally, I can tell you everything that I think and not be afraid at the same time, because you don’t see me, just as you don’t see my feelings. But I will try to tell you as much about them as possible so that you feel what I feel! So you understand how I value you and am afraid to lose!

Darling, I hope you understand everything that I want to tell you in this letter. It is so strange and pleasant when, waking up in the morning and falling asleep at night, you are so missed. I will follow you into the fire and into the water! I will catch with every heart your every breath, every smile, because I love you very much! I will give you happiness! I can do it, because you are my life! I believe in you, I am afraid for you, I love you and know that, no matter what, I will be there! You know, it's so strange when you're not around. The feeling of separation is stronger than me, because it slowly kills me, depriving me of sleep and joy ... The romance that you give me lifts me to heaven, where I want to stay with you forever ...

My dearest, coveted, beloved, I just need you to be always with me. If it were in my power, then I would give you the universe, give you the sky, the moon and the sun. It would be so romantic, and you would understand how much I need you. Only once in a lifetime is there such a love when you know for sure that it will never pass, never end. I know that, and you?

To find each other among the millions of thousands of people passing along the street and not to lose is a great gift and I thank life for it! I will do everything to never lose you! And I am happy, because such love, sincere and true, is given in life only once. I cherish you very much, love!

I am writing this letter to you so that you finally understand that we must always be together, must overcome all obstacles, all situations and be together! We cannot drive away our love, it will not forgive us for this, and life without love is not worth a coin. You know that. Say what you know ...

Let us give each other love and romance, rejoicing in every minute we spend together. I can’t live without you anymore, I can’t breathe, I can’t exist! My dear, if I could describe all the feelings that love for you gives me, I would do it, but you know that I can’t do this, because only a sincerely loving person cannot describe the feeling of love. Feeling worth living for! Feeling to fight for!

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When She Writes Him…

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