On Hating

One. I believe that hating people aged from 5 to 95 years old is a part of our existence: there will always be that person who bothers you for some reason, who makes you think horrible things, who makes you gnaw even just because of the way he breathes. Obviously, if you have that person in front of you every day, the weight to carry is heavy but at the same time, you will hardly ever miss to spit on him all the bad things you think. If that person is on the internet, and you follow him to gnaw and then insult him...you really have a lot of time to waste! I'm really jealous of you as I always run after time, and I can never do everything I would like in one day!

Two. What can I say about them? Just jealous! Go quiet, shoot your way! Envy is a very bad thing both for those who experience it and for those who suffer it! But hold on! You are really a good speaker, you write well, you take amazing photos, you are also beautiful and your smile is very cute...now you understand that someone around you who has problems with envy you give them some trouble! Seriously, better not get thrown down by these crazy people around the web!

Three. There are always beautiful reflections of your mind that can be shared. The line between criticism, perhaps even harsh, and defamation is sometimes very thin. Envy and malice are parts of human nature and perhaps the infamous haters are the newest example of this. Let’s mortgage a quote already indicated by others... "Do not take care of them but look and pass." they do not deserve you that much!

Four. Breath and wasted time are interlinked...because it is easier not to think about how much sweat, fatigue and a few tears are hidden, sometimes, behind the light-hearted tone of your posts. And those who resent your successes read with even greater annoyance the posts that give voice to your innermost thoughts on the meaning and the difficulty of life... But how dare you be
 insecure/anxious/dissatisfied for this virtue? Privileged...huh ? You have your chance to change the world, and it is your inner self who, living by your side, will learn that looking at the world without envy and resentment, is the way to gain health and happiness...forget the rest of the world that has no desire to be changed for the better and the people who will hate you with renewed vigour...always! 

Five. The most absurd thing is that haters hate regardless, that is, it is a way, a lifestyle they follow... Interestingly, it is not only for the successful and famous people...for example, I follow a dog page (We talk about dogs there.) and you can't imagine how people insult each other and make absolutely personal and disgusting and sexist comments about dogs! I am afraid that the internet tool is the problem because no one would behave like this in a face to face conversation.

Six. I don't know, maybe I'm going to get married to this ‘haters’ thing! There is a big group that for years has been trying to destroy me everywhere, for I don't know what reason, bombarding me with bad things about what I do, how I do it and obviously in my case on the things (speeches and writings) I publish or the photos I take. My tactic is to give them all the twine and space they want just because they have time to waste behind me. I have now made a silent appointment with these people, and I enjoy teasing them to see how they react. Most of the time they wrap and lose the thread, disappear for a few weeks then return to the cocoon. And I start again until they disappear again. Then I wait for them. A never-ending loop, practically!

Seven. My father often said: "Don't worry about them but look and pass..." Ignoring is worse than anything and with these people just looking for their little second of notoriety it's the best weapon. Those who have always admired and followed you have understood who you are and what you communicate. Do not get discouraged, do not give your haters the win. Keep it up!

Eight. We agree on everything, but sometimes I have seen intelligent people raging with strangers calling their followers, in extreme cases bullying a person for an unhappy comment. In my opinion, the winning tactic is that of total indifference. Although I realize that it is very difficult to put into practice, it is the only solution: hatred thrives on consideration. It feeds on reactions and answers, while indifference destroys it.

Nine. OMG...they must have made you really mad if you wrote this down...what's the matter? In any case, I have been following you for years, and I find that you have a real talent for what you do: speaker, writer, influencer, in short, you have built your professional and personal sphere with intelligence and stubbornness, you have found your way; unfortunately, or fortunately you have become a public figure, and you will always find someone ready to throw stones at you, but in the end, you do not give them importance as you did by publishing an ad hoc post, what does it matter to you, anyway? Your writings are born by chance, and all the corollary of activities that you have created hand by hand, represent your work, only this counts; I also meet negative characters in my work, so much; so, I avoid them and move on, since the main objective is to continue to work well, a sort of duty towards myself, of respect for me as a person and for the fatigue that costs me to build a respectable career... I don't give them more weight than they deserve, I don't know what specifically you are referring to but really...go on, indeed go beyond! Kisses!!

Ten. The haters are the first stirrings of the internet and when the forums are raging more than anything else, they are called "Trolls." I guess the name changes sometimes but the anti-social or behavioural disorder remains the same. The solution is always the same, ignore them, don't respond to provocations and leave them in their soup... If a thing/person doesn't like it (We can never please everyone.) why not just ignore it and move on to the rest of our life? They won't do it, they can't do it. To say things to your face, it takes courage. Unfortunately, social networks have also given the green light to the myriad of people who instead have only this passive aggression...and now I expect haters!

Eleven. Only if by haters we mean offensive people and not simply people who express an opinion different from ours, things will sound good. The criticisms, at times, could be constructive and a moment of confrontation: useful for the growth of both parties. However, it is also true that we must separate the figure of the haters from those who perhaps disagree. I, therefore, believe that the problem is not relegated to a specific category of "troll", but in general to the use that people make of their keyboards. And to demonstrate this, just think of the status on social networks: there are bipolar elements that pass from conciliatory states to screaming messages of hate towards those who do not marry their thoughts. I believe that in addition to proving the fake image that they have expertly made online, they also become the caricature of everything they have always contested.

Twelve. Just because you can express yourself doesn't mean you have to express yourself. What you are about to write must meet two requirements: Is it necessary? Is that nice? If you don't respect at least one of them, you can do this revolutionary and progressive thing that is to stay off your opinion but keep it to yourself. If I put my thoughts online, it doesn't mean you're allowed to shoot zero. There's this basic misunderstanding: the writer vs the reader is not a boxing match, because while you can hit hard, we don't beat anyone. No, we're not online to cash in shots. And no, it doesn't seem nice, ethical, nor appropriate to start insulting comments, individually.

Thirteen. Do we really want to be the carriers of further hatred, criticism and verbal violence? Do we really want to feed all the substrate of body shaming, narrow-mindedness and prejudice from which we are so laboriously trying to free ourselves? Or do we want to support each other for once? In general, the message that a hater sends is: 'you are living your life badly'. Unfortunately, no one is entitled to judge anyone's life, and we are thankfully and happily all free to do exactly what we want. For that karma story, it's not like shooting out, rather hate fills you with love and positive energy. It is a kind of vicious circle that fuels resentment, victimhood and passivity – not exactly the ingredients to live your life to the fullest.

Fourteen. Carrying hatred inside takes a lot of time and energy that can be channelled better and elsewhere. Even if I don't think like you and I don't like what you do, I would never come to attack you, try to make you feel guilty or embarrass you. Because I wouldn't like it to be done to me, and because I want to live in a world where people give themselves power and support each other instead of jumping down. Because I believe that being committed to discrediting someone for the pure taste of seeing him fail and fall, to see him mocked and in difficulty is not only bad, childish and useless but is also the basis of all the racism that we live in our society. And I never bother about it, because, frankly, I don't have time to spare for it.

Fifteen. Some people talk about your work. They're your critics. Some other talk about you as they can't or don't reach up to your work. They're your haters. Critics criticize sincerely and haters defame intentionally. Haters can't tolerate you, no matter you do the right thing or the wrong thing. They can present the right thing you do in a wrong way in front of others. It satisfies them. They continuously judge you without knowing the facts. The person who has the least commonsense, will never stick to merely assumptions while speaking about something publicly. He always needs some concrete proofs. But things are not that rosy. As the person is you, it's their religious duty to spread bad things about you whenever they get any chance. Not always haters are illiterate or half-literate people, some highly educated people also keep smelling your ass. Why? Maybe they miss something you've. There are always things bigger than certificates they fail to achieve. You'll really feel pity for them when you see them bark out of that 'passionate resentment'. Simply ignore their existence. Let this judgemental group bark on the streets. People who judge outside the court are like street dogs that bark outside the home. Some are born to bark, some are born to roar. Your voice says it all. Period.

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On Hating

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